Krater is a game where a lot of work have been invested in the music. And the story how the main theme of the game music was created is a fascinating one. It all started when the Swedish musician Christian Gabel and Fatshark Producer Robert Bäckström met at a party a couple of years ago. In their discussion Christian revealed how he, in the early nineties, found a set of illustrations that seemed to be concept art for an abandoned film production.

The artwork was dated 1982 and depicted scenes from his hometown Karlstad in post-apocalyptic ruins. In spite of research, no further information about the artwork, the artist or the (possible) movie has been found.

The illustrations inspired Christian to start toying around with the idea of writing a 80′s sounding film score for the concept art and the movie that was never made.  And when Robert disclosed (sometimes the NDA is left behind in the bar) that they were working on an old-school RPG in post-apocalyptic Sweden it was soon obvious for both parts that Christian should write the game music, based on the film score.

A new meeting was arranged where Christian came by the office with the illustrations and showcased them for the team. And it was those illustrations, created for an abandoned and forgotten 80′s film project that became the first step into the Krater world.

But their joint venture did not end with Christian writing the main theme of the game music. The film soundtrack contained even more music that ought to be shared with the Krater community. Not afraid of new challenges we decided that it was time for us to start Fatshark Records, our very own record label (and honestly, who doesn’t want to be able to say that they are a Record Label Manager!).

Our first release on the label is the Krater Soundtrack, available for digital download June 30. There’s also a deluxe edition limited to 1.000 copies which, in addition to the CD, also includes a 24-page booklet with the original concept art as well as a copy of the game. It can be ordered from the Fatshark webstore..

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