New patch preparing for coop goes live today

The patch is preparing the game for the coop update October 23 and until that day the Coop Menu (accessed with the short key K ingame or via the menu bar) is disabled.

The patch also support multiple profiles to be used. Your old save will be named Default in the new profile list.

If you are experiencing any issues with the new save and would like to restore your old saves you can do that by:

  1. Right Clicking the game in your Steam Library
  2. Choose Properties
  3. In the General tab write, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS
  4. Write reset_save in the field
  5. Start the game and press the Restore Save button in the bottom left corner. This will delete all your progress from this update (non-reversible)

Main features added
- Support for creating several profiles with different saves
- Multi-language support
- Engine upgrade for improved performance
- Support for new DLC character (Cyborg DPS)


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Krater Coop release Oct 23

We have stalled long enough!

Its all starting to come together. Krater will finally get it´s coop update – free of charge!

October 23 there will be a massive update to the game on Steam that will add not only coop but updated visuals, game play tweaks, new content, new maps, more songs to the soundtrack, improved user interface and much more.

We will keep you posted on our progress and more details about the release further on…


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Dev Status Update #6

We are closing in on the second big release for Krater, namely the long awaited coop. The exact release date is announced on Tuesday, but its less than a month away now.

Prior to that the Polish version of Krater will be released. ETA is October 18. We are also currently putting in the final touches on the Portuguese, French, German and Russian versions of the game (some via publishers, others via the heroic efforts from the community).

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Dev Status Update #5 – Current status of coop


First of all – thanks for your patience and support. I know the process of getting coop out there for you is taking time, longer than we hoped and wished and I thought I should shed some light on our current status of the coop.

With coop we are reworking large part of the game code. Areas such as the level creation systems, save and load system, animation and combat state managers and not to mention the whole network part. Basically everything that needs to be changed to facilitate cooperative gameplay with a client-server solution is now changed. But we will not press the button just yet. Not until we are 100% sure that the new features:

- will not destroy peoples save files
- crash frequency is reduced to an absolute minimum on most hardware setups
- offer enough new content to feel worth it to buy for those that so far haven’t both the game.
- builds a solid foundation for us to continue work and add stuff to the game (this means a large player base, a code base and tools that caters for easy addition of more content and a game design that is modular in the sense that new features can be added without beraking old ones

and most important…

- is good enough to get your approval and not being written of as a piece of junk produced without passion

Right now we have positive but still not absolutely totally certain answers on all points listed above. Until we have that we wont be able give you a release date or start an open beta testing (but keys are handed and the test group is growing).

And oh – for you who play Cyanide’s online version of BloodBowl. Krater is sponsoring the next Crunched Cup, a tournament organized by the site

We have a couple of fanatic BB-players in our team and are thrilled to see Kraters name appear in such an event :D .

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Dev status update #4 – Hot fix deployed

General Gameplay

A new hot fix for the crashes on the build uploaded yesterday evening is deployed to the test_version beta now. If it turns out ok it will be deployed to the main game tonight.


The introduction of coop have made us re-think how we would like player abilities to work in Krater. We can’t really go into details right now but we are working on a design that will put more emphasis on synergy effects when using different abilities together. We are also preparing for a new race that will be introduced as the first major gameplay update after coop.


/The Fatshark team


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