Voice acting contest on Radiogamer

Swedish radio show Radiogamer (on the channel Radio1) will run a voice contest where you compete to become one of the voices in the Krater cast.

To participate you need to:

  1. You should first read the lines as it is, to the best of your ability. You can choose to only read one but the more you read the better your chances are to win.
  2. You should then try to briefly voice the line without using the actual words.  It would typically involve in using a single or just a few sounds that would describe the mood and type of phrase  (question, order, statement etc) delivered.
  3. You are encouraged to make full use of all kinds of dialects and accents, especially Swedish ones. Don’t hold back.
  4. List the recording tools available to you giving us an idea of your capability in submitting high quality sound files to us.
  5. Contact

Female 1

This character is a capable and experienced tough- woman in her late twenties, who has a take-no- bullshit attitude with a sarcastic edge.

Line 1: Who are you and what do you want?

Line 2:  Oh, someone sent the cavalry to rescue a damsel in distress?

Line 3:  Tell you what, bring me my gear from the cave over there, and I’m in.  Just mind the bears will you, I think they’re quite hungry.

Female 2

These lines are spoken by an educated, professional and somewhat scheming and manipulative woman in her thirties.

Line 1: Good day. Sorry for the secrecy, but one cannot be too careful these days. I’ve had dealings with the mercenary group you are looking for.

Line 2: I can definitely point you in the right direction. But as it happens, I am in need of a favor in return, and from what I gather, you’re a team with the right qualifications. May I suggest a little trade?

Female 3

This woman is furious because she and her friends have been double crossed.  Just make up your own expletives that she would use when cursing the betrayer (who is not present, but she simply can’t contain her anger).

Female 4

This character is a sensitive person and is distraught and on the verge of breakdown as her kids are missing and in danger.

Line 1: Ah, you’re from the Agency?  Thank you for coming. I’m worried sick.

Line 2: People saw them head towards Bullfest Alley, a seedy back street behind the Norrport Bar. Please, find my kids!

Male 1

This guy is a jock, a sport team leader with a lot of confidence and charisma.

Line 1: You catch on quick, I like that, but in order for you to understand this town, you must learn about…The Game.

Line 2: You’re standing right in the middle of Owl land and I’m the head coach. Across the bridge you got the Varg territory but they just suck in every possible way, so you shouldn’t even bother.

Male 2

This character is old and retired, and has just learned some troubling news about his son.

Line 1: Phew. That was a lot to take in. I think I need to sit down.

Line 2: Will you do an old man a favor and go out and buy me some bärs from the bar down the street? I’d be most grateful.

Male 3

This character is an ill tempered thug, a classic bully and bad guy.

Line 1:  I’m gonna stick you like a pig and gut you like a fish!

Line 2:  That little outburst just sealed you fate.  Get him boys!

Male 4

This character is a posh andsnarky assistant to the Mayor of a town. He thinks he’s a little bit better than everybody else.

Line 1: No but’s or if’s! For your own good, go and see the mayor!

Line 2: I’d offer you a lesson in manners myself, but I fear you’re beyond my help.

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