Collector’s Edition available in the store


Thanks for visiting! If you think that Krater is on the right track and is something that appeals to you or tickles your RPG itch, then now’s your chance to support development and leave your mark in the world of Krater by purchasing one of several Uber-Fan editions available at our store for a limited time.

We’d also like to remind people to join our community forums! Your feedback and participation throughout & beyond Krater’s development will help it grow!


key-art_v2_0Buyers of KRATER PATRON EDITION will support the development of Krater and also leave their mark in the game by having the chance to name a rare item. Everything that is included in the FAN EDITION and the COLLECTOR’S EDITION (a special thanks in the credits and early access key) is of course included as well.

The KRATER FAN EDITION contains the Krater Collector’s Edition and also, as a token of our gratitude, we will post a special thanks to you in the game credits as being one of the early supporters.

Please note that if you already showed your support by buying the Krater Collector’s Edition you are entitled to a €14.99 discount when purchasing the KRATER FAN EDITION or KRATER PATRON EDITION.

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