New patch preparing for coop goes live today

The patch is preparing the game for the coop update October 23 and until that day the Coop Menu (accessed with the short key K ingame or via the menu bar) is disabled.

The patch also support multiple profiles to be used. Your old save will be named Default in the new profile list.

If you are experiencing any issues with the new save and would like to restore your old saves you can do that by:

  1. Right Clicking the game in your Steam Library
  2. Choose Properties
  3. In the General tab write, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS
  4. Write reset_save in the field
  5. Start the game and press the Restore Save button in the bottom left corner. This will delete all your progress from this update (non-reversible)

Main features added
- Support for creating several profiles with different saves
- Multi-language support
- Engine upgrade for improved performance
- Support for new DLC character (Cyborg DPS)


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