• Extensive crafting (craft unique abilities, weapons and items)
  • Character persistence where both injuries and experience work in conjunction to evolve your team over time.
  • Simultaneously control a squad of 3 characters chosen from 4 different main classes with a multitude of specializations.
  • Prepare your team of Freediggers for the end-game and try to get as deep as you can into the main shaft, a dungeon crawler of massive proportions.
  • Singleplayer/multiplayer which blend seamless with each other. Use your progress from the single player campaign in coop missions and the other way around.


poststuga It combines the combat mechanics of action-rpgs with the top-down tactics of the classic old-school games such as Syndicate and X-Com. The rich world opens up for the players via exploration of the immense world map.

Extensive crafting (craft unique abilities, weapons and items) and character persistence where both injuries and experience work in conjunction are key elements to evolve your team over time and get ready to enter into the end-game.


krater_art_1 Krater takes place in a lush post-apocalyptic game world, a gigantic impact crater where cities and even nations have has been built on the aftermath of a bomb. It is a colorful game exeperince, where genre-typical deserts are replaced by nordic pine forests and red wooden cottages.




What´s down there is unknown to most and those the claim they know probably lie. But one thing is for sure, there is plenty of juicy and valuable old hajtech coming up from down there.

- Max Malm, one of Norrmalm town´s many tunnel entrepreneurs

hole_center The center of the crater is an abyss that stretches deeper into the earth than anyone has ever been able to dig.

One of your main goal as a player is to build your team and and try to get as deep as you can into the underside of the Krater. This will eventually become a dungeon crawler with an almost indefinite number of levels.


As a player you will undoubtedly encounter teams of Free-diggers, bands of fortune seekers who compete with each other to excavate valuable pre-armageddon technology from an endless system of tunnels, caves and bunkers called the Underside.

Why not join one of them in their pursuit of gadgets and riches or even start an expedition of your own.


The game world is full of competing interests, catering for many options and challenges for energetic players. Who knows, if you play your card right and team up with the right people you might be able to get on the Gravy train heading for the hidden wealth of the center hole.



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