Happy 4th of July to all of our US players

And to celebrate we give you a preview of the Trading Cards assets that will be added soon to Krater. Get them while its hot!

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Seasons Greetings

We also have some news about the upcoming Mac version of the game. The internal beta testing is coming along nicely (even though more slow than what we initially had hoped for) and we will start the public testing soon.

If you want to participate – please send an e-mail to kratertest@fatshark.se and write iKrater in the header and your hardware setup in the mail. We will randomly distribute a number of codes to the community after the holidays.

Thanks for your support. You rock!

FS Crew

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Krater Co-op Release Trailer

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Krater: Co-op 1.1

Krater version 1.1 that is released on Steam today is the first of three major free content updates that Krater will get within the next few weeks.

v1.1 main features:

  • First step towards a great coop feature. It is kept relatively small to make sure that we have resources to handle any issues or bugs that might arise when large number of players are playing it. Krater v1.2 and v1.3 are going to expand on this.
  • Support for handling several profiles with different saves connected to your Steam accounts cloud saves. Your old save is labeled Default in the profile list.
  • Engine upgrade for improved performance and better stability.
  • We have looked over player stats and their effect on damage, armor and abilities.
  • New achievements added.
  • The game is now translated into Russian, Portuguese and Polish. The single player content is translated into German, German coop strings are still to be added (shortly).
  • Enemy AI is also being looked over and tweaked
  • Loot drop rate and epic item generation is also being reworked; the first changes are implemented already in the 1.1 build.
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New DLC – Mayhem Mk13


Mayhem Mk13, the pinnacle of aggressive assault technologies formed from the knowledge extracts of a Mutant Slayer’s brain and the latest cybernetic limbs collected from the Underside.  The Mayhem Mk13 will be your tank’s best friend close up and your medikus’ saviour from afar.  Dare to delve deeper on high-risk excavation ventures where the Mayhem Mk13′s tactical flexibility will be the difference between life and death.

More on the Mk13:

The first of many planned cybernetic characters, the Mayhem Mk13 offers a new and exciting add-on for your team.  It is a Hybrid melee assassin/ranged DPS class that combines high damage output in both close quarters and from a distance.  He is also well suited for co-op since his guided strike ability is able to take out very powerful enemies entangled by other characters abilities.

The DLC can be bought on Steam or here: http://store.fatshark.se/games/mayhem-mk-13krater-special-character-dlc.html


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